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Hi, I’m Aliza

Your child has been through a difficult experience and it’s taken a toll on the family. Now you’re left picking up the pieces and you’re worried about the changes you see in your child. At first they were gradual and easier to ignore. But by now, your concerns have grown into a persistent buzz in your mind, and you’re feeling less and less sure that you can help her on your own. You’re concerned about the way your daughter’s fears keep growing and her comfort zone keeps shrinking. She can’t sleep at night and constantly complains about aches and pains that the doctor finds no medical cause for. Much of the time, your daughter is vibrant, lively, and larger than life. But then something sets her off and her world seems to stop in its tracks as anxiety takes over, leaving her irritable and demanding as she tries frantically to regain control.

You’ve tried understanding her perspective and validating her concerns. You’ve tried reasoning with her about how irrational her fears are, and then finally, you resorted to ignoring the fears, hoping the whole thing would just go away with time. Yet her fears persisted and life kept getting more difficult. As a parent, you feel more powerless than ever, and you so wish you could help her loosen up and reconnect. You’ve tried everything you could think of, yet you’ve hit a wall and are ready to have someone else step in and help. 

You’re tired of pretending everything is fine when so many things feel wrong. You wish your child would be able to let loose and relax. You want to plan family outings with a focus on fun, rather than fear. You have so many hopes and dreams for your family and can’t imagine continuing like this forever. Living this way is exhausting and you’ve arrived here in search of counseling and support.

You want your child to feel good about herself and do more of the things she loves.

Counseling With Me Offers the Support You’re Looking For

I specialize in therapy for children and teens with trauma and anxiety. I bring a playful and positive approach to therapy, providing an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding so we can figure out your best way forward. I help my clients become more aware of their thoughts and feelings so they can be less reactive and more responsive as they grow to understand and appreciate themselves for who they are.

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