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Therapy for Children

You’re worried about your child

Your child hasn’t been acting like herself. Perhaps you remember exactly when you started noticing the changes in her mood and behavior, or perhaps you feel like it all crept up on you. The fact of the matter is, it’s looking like this is her new normal, and you are concerned. Your daughter used to be happier; full of life, fun-loving, and active. But now she’s afraid. She constantly worries that something bad will happen, and spends a lot of energy trying to make herself feel safe. She’s having trouble sleeping at night, and can’t seem to let loose and relax during the day. All this is taking a toll on her mood. She’s grouchy and on-edge most of the time. You find yourself tip-toeing around her, providing countless reassurances, and endless amounts of attention.

Some children who come in to see me have been anxious practically since birth. Other kids come in after they’ve been through a difficult experience such as a car accident, fire, medical procedure, bullying or loss. No matter the circumstances that bring these children’s parents to reach out for therapy, the child is suffering and her parents are ready for change.

I help children learn to manage big feelings such as worry, sadness, and frustration without letting those feelings take over. I help them become more confident and take the power back from their emotions. In therapy, we work towards building coping skills and process difficult experiences. They grow to love themselves more, communicate effectively, and feel more at ease in the day to day. Through therapy, children regain a feeling of safety in the world around them, and learn to live in the moment. These children’s parents notice their child looking happier- smiling at herself in the mirror and humming as she puts on her shoes. They see their child content and relaxed, having a good time on an ordinary day.

Parents are an important piece of the picture. I partner with parents to help them better understand and respond to their children’s needs and behaviors. We meet regularly (generally every fourth session) and work together as a team. As the primary experts, parents discuss changes they see at home and bring up any concerns. I suggest strategies to implement at home so our work can reach farther and be even more impactful. As we work together, parents reconnect and regain confidence in parenting. These parents experience more joyful moments of connection with their child, feeling bursts of pride in the amazing child they are raising.

Play is the work of childhood.

-Jean Piaget

play therapy

Play Therapy utilizes play in a therapeutic manner that helps children express themselves, build confidence, and improve self-regulation. Children become more aware of their feelings and build skills to communicate calmly and openly.

As a Registered Play Therapist, I have received extensive training in multiple Play Therapy methods. These include Child-Centered Play Therapy, Theraplay, Directive Play Therapy, and Sandtray Therapy. For children entering treatment for trauma (or any difficult experience), Play Therapy is often combined with EMDR.

After meeting with you for an intake and completing various assessments, I will construct a customized treatment plan unique to your child’s needs.

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