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Online Therapy

Online Counseling from the comfort of your home…or your car…or wherever you feel comfortable

While the idea of seeing a therapist online may seem strange and uncomfortable at first glance, I want you to consider the many benefits as well.

1) No need to travel- Therapy online takes away the pressure to arrive at the appointment at your designated time. Instead, you simply log onto your computer and start the session- and then get right back to continue your day. No long drives, traffic, waiting in waiting rooms.

2) Convenience- Online therapy makes it easier to fit therapy into your day. You can fit in your session during your lunch break, at nap time, during your child’s free time (if it’s for them), or between meetings. And again- just go right back to your day when the session is over.

3) Safety- With therapy from the safety of your own home, you can rest assured knowing that you are not potentially being exposed to COVID19. With all the unknowns about the virus, spending 45 minutes in an enclosed room is an unnecessary risk at this point. Working online takes away the weariness that would likely come along with either of us giving an occasional cough or leaning in a little closer than six feet…


Online Counseling may be a good fit for you if:

–You want to start therapy as soon as possible

-You’re open to trying it!

-You feel comfortable using a computer 

-You have reliable internet access


Of course, online counseling is not always the answer. I have found that it works very well for parents, children with trauma, teens, and young adults. Play therapy with young children online individually is not a great fit, but I do offer workarounds for that, such as beginning with parent sessions or Theraplay, a form of parent-child therapy.


If you think online counseling may be an option for you, please reach out today for a free 15-minute consultation. I would love to hear more about your unique circumstances and discuss how I can best be of help.


Online Counseling New York New Jersey
Online Counseling New York New Jersey
Online Counseling New York New Jersey

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