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Trauma Therapy

EMDR Therapy for Children

EMDR therapy can be a powerful tool for managing the negative effects of trauma or difficult experiences your child may be going through.

After a child experiences something upsetting, the memory of this event sometimes continues to bother the child, even long after the event has passed. It is as though the memory is undigested, remaining ‘stuck’ and causing discomfort. When this happens, every child responds differently. Some children may become more fearful, experiencing nightmares, avoiding certain people or places, or becoming more worried. Some children experience significant changes with sleeping or eating habits. Children may experience headaches or stomachaches, or appear more irritable overall. As their parent, you know your child best and can identify the changes that have been happening.

EMDR Therapy can help children after experiencing a loss, witnessing something scary, being in an accident, undergoing a medical procedure, getting hurt, or anything that leaves them shaken up. Sometimes the event seems insignificant or unremarkable to others, yet leaves the child upset or acting out for weeks. Other times parents cannot identify any specific event, yet see sudden worrisome changes in their child.

EMDR therapy is a powerful tool that is combined with Play Therapy to help children heal in a developmentally-appropriate manner. This helps children’s brains make sense of the upsetting experiences, and empowering them to feel safe and strong, allowing healing to happen.


EMDR Children
EMDR Teens Young Women

EMDR Therapy for Teens & young women 

Perhaps you can’t remember when you first started believing that you were worthless and incapable, yet those words have become your mantra. Even when you accomplish something great, you’re convinced it was a fluke and that you’re still a fraud. You wonder if your friends really like you and worry that you’ll never be good enough. You have important things to say, but can’t seem to make yourself heard.

Maybe you have recently endured a difficult experience, or maybe there have been many such experiences throughout your life. You feel stuck, weighed down, and you just want to move forward. EMDR therapy is a powerful tool that helps your brain make sense of your experiences, allowing healing to happen.

One aspect of this therapy many find appealing is you do not need to talk in great detail about your distressing experiences. In fact, clients can choose not to share any details about what happened. EMDR therapy helps with many concerns, including: anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, low self-esteem, phobias and OCD.

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When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending.

Brené Brown

you are not alone

No matter what circumstances have brought you to this page:


Here is permission to stop deliberating over whether what happened is ‘enough’ to warrant therapy. About whether it was bad enough, or whether you’ve waited long enough to try and get through this on your own. About whether you are deserving enough to seek help for this.


If it’s bothering you and on your mind- it’s enough.

If it’s disrupting your life and things don’t feel right- it’s enough.


Most importantly- you are enough.


You matter.

You know yourself best.

You know what feels lacking.


Reach out. Relief is within reach.                    

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